Backing Up you Drupal Server (Part 2)

A few months (more like plenty of months) ago I wrote an article on how I backed-up my Drupal servers.

That time I mentioned Percona and its awesome hot backup utility (which I still use):

Why Percona? Because it is cool! (fuck no, because it is stable, fast, and has a great hot backup utility).

I also mentioned my very own script for backing up the databases (nah, credit to cdamian, I barely modified it to suit my needs) and I also mentioned JungleDisk.

Well, this time I just want to let you know that JungleDisk has been taken out of the pictures. Our new toy is CrashPlan Pro.

Quick recap, how I do it?

  • The script makes backups of the DBs to the disk.
  • CrashPlan Pro backs-up everything we need backed-up every x minutes and sends it to its servers.
  • I just watch it happen.

Why the change?

I started using CrashPlan at home and fell so in love with it that we moved our company to CrashPlan Pro.

In short:

  • Unlimited space
  • Great interface
  • Awesome remote management
  • Restoring can't get eny easier, I promise, I've tried them all, and this has by far the fastest, easiest, coolest restore system.
Feb. 19, 2012